Ideal Demographics

Monitor Marketing Demographic

Optimal Reach

  • Monitor Marketing ads are 30% – 50% longer in duration than outdoor digital billboards (10 seconds for static, 15 seconds for animated or video ads)
  • The high traffic location and the limited quantity of ads running at each host location allow maximum deliverability of your message
  • Average of 6,200 ad impressions per location per month
  • Average of 248,000 customer ad impressions per location per month

Outstanding Recall

Repeated on-screen exposure is a great way to build brand awareness.

  • We offer much longer engagement period with consumers, our host locations have an average 41 minute customer dwell time per visit versus 5 seconds to capture their attention with an outdoor billboard
  • Combine that with our short 3 ½ minute ad loop and your ad will be displayed 15 times for every customers visit.
  • Hyper-local content to further draw customer attention to your ad (weather conditions, news ticker, trivia)

41 minute customer dwell time + 3 ½ minute ad loop = Your Ad Displayed 15 Times For Every Customer’s Visit!

Visual Impact

Imagine your informational message being displayed in full color on large high definition screens in a public setting with a heavy continuous flow of traffic.

  • Much greater ad creative – 3 ad types static, animated or even incorporate video
  • Much greater scheduling flexibility for the ads – can be updated any time needed, and even programmed to change by location, day of week or even time of day
  • Free ad design

Affordable Pricing

  • Affordable with rates at a fraction of those for outdoor digital billboards
  • Customized ad packages based on quantity of locations and length of advertising term

Monitor Marketing Visual Impact

How It Works

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Choose the type of ad you would like – static or motion. Our graphic designers will make your vision an eye-popping reality!
Choose the number of locations you want your ad to be displayed.
Choose the length of your contract from one month to one year with options in between.


Submit the vision for your ad along with any text or images to go with it.
Our graphic designers will do the rest and bring your vision to life!


Watch your ad create awareness, brand your business, drive traffic, and bring NEW customers to your business!

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!