Make YOUR Mark… With Monitor Marketing

“Since I’ve been advertising with Monitor Marketing, not only have I gotten compliments and positive feedback about my ad, but I have also acquired new clients from it.  I am extremely satisfied with the results and will continue to use Monitor Marketing to help grow my business.”
~April Brorson – owner Final Touches



People are drawn to our oversized, full-color LED, vividly bright, commercial-grade monitors. The mere transition from screen to screen is enough to turn heads, and with the addition of relevant and dynamic content, those heads stay focused!



Customize your information to suit your business needs and your customer’s wants. Change your message instantly and as often as needed. Target your audience by choosing locations.



People’s recall rates are remarkable and with Monitor Marketing ads relevant and dynamic content, like weather, forecasts, breaking news, brainteasers, etc., you can expect more than 3x’s the recall rates!

Marketing Locations

Here are the locations of current ads in area businesses featuring Monitor Marketing displays. Click on the map for more information about our locations.

Monitor Marketing Ad Locations

Monitor Marketing Ad Locations